4x4 Off Road Championship 1999/2000.

Round 4, Rockgrove, Coachford, Co. Cork.
Cork Motor Club, 21st November 1999.

Report by Robin Lyons.

Brian Berkery Does it a Second Time!!!

For the 4th stage of the 1999 4x4 Off Road Championship Event, we were once again back in the beautiful settings of Rock Grove, Coachford, Co. Cork.

I think it is the opinion of most of the competitors that Rock Grove is one of the best venues for the 4x4 trials and well worth the journey from far away parts of the country.

Brian wins again!

Lombards in action!

This time the tests were set in a compact corner of the mature and undulating, country side on what could be called "Virgin Ground" because of coming under the stupid bureaucratic rules of the EU, it is termed "set a side", so was deemed to be left vacant and unproductive for twelve months. Here's hoping the 'Spy in the Sky' was in a sporting mood last Sunday because from up there or over there we must have created some spectacle. I hope they do not class this sporting event as a productive one for the land owner.
As expected a great turn out, 36 entries on the day. Our compliments to the clerk of the course, Billy Tobin, for a very well organised event which started punctually at 11.30am. The three overall winners of the day were "three magnificent men in their Suzuki machines".

1ST Brian Berkery ,2nd Pat Kiely and 3rd Damien Heneghan.

A well deserving and popular winner and a sporting competitor is Brian Berkery from Doon, Co. Limerick.

A "Modest" Pat Kiely takes 2nd!

Jack Gayer makes tracks.

In the morning he had a grand minimum of 2 and took the overall with 13 in the evening. While I have the opportunity I must say of this 'Shit Hot Mechanic'; he is no doubt one of the most willingly helpful and obliging people both with his mechanical skills and otherwise and is much appreciated by everybody. Pat Kiely 2nd with 15, 'It must be like riding a bike', Pat, you just don't forget how to do it." Damien Heneghan, consistent as ever took 3rd overall with 17.
CLASS 1: 1ST Declan O' Mahony 19 2nd Dan O' Shea 19 3rd Diarmaid Drennan 20 Nice driving Declan I'm sure, though I did not see you in action. Nobody could complain about sign posts sending them wrong both on and off road on the day because they were well done, organised and laminated by Declan. Great to see Dan O`Shea making a guest appearance - out of retirement. "Dan you should buy that Suzuki and come back, if not to prove you are more than a 'One Hit Wonder" come back for the crack.

Tadhg`s machine does well on his first outing

Damien keeps up the pressure

CLASS 2: 1ST Niall O`Meara 2nd Malcolm Cooper 3RD Mervyn Colton Malcolm Cooper and Mervyn Colton as usual always "there or there abouts in their Land Rover. Three "Die Hards" in their Daihatsu FourTracks and being a Daihatsu competitor myself I consider these three to be the most skilful drivers in the 4x4 championships. Paul O' Byrne competing in the Pratt's Machine along with Ivor Clegg. "Paul you better hike on down to Carlow and retrieve that Red Wrangler of yours before we start calling you "The Hitchhiker",.
Well, we have heard of 'the man flying by the arse of his pants',. Paul McCarthy can be said to be "Driving by the arse of his pants',. "No offence Paul, it has to be handed to you",. Alan and John are fast moving out of the novice class with their 'slick' driving, "Well done fellows",. Tadhg O' Shea coming down 'off' the Ballyhoura Mountains in that beautiful, all together Susuki, rolled back that soft top, had to be winched only once, finished the event with not a scratch and I know had good fun. All in all I think everybody agrees, a great competition and equally great fun enjoyed by all. A fabulous venue that we should try to exploit much more. Spectacular tests laid out and most important not a jeep wrecking country.

Paul McCarthy in his new Special

Tom Twomey`s jeep goes on it`s way!!

It was a very well organised day and could be used as an example. It started prompt and was ran off very well, very smooth well marshalled, had a comfortable lunch break, so it all rounded up early in the evening, Rock Grove was cleared by 5.00pm very important for those travelling. Our thanks to the sponsors of the event who were "Top Car" of Cork. Many thanks to Shane McMeel and Ivor McClintock for coming down from above. Also many thanks to Tony and Mima O' Dwyer for a fabulous venue. Our compliments to our hosts, Cork Motor Club and not forgetting, in the back seat by choice, Gerry Murphy who organised the unseen, unwanted and thankless official work on site on the day. So we have a two month break before our next event in Mountrath and all there is to say is Happy Christmas and here's to having good 4*4ing in the next century.

These pictures were created by Ivor Clegg Photographer to the sport!!!



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