4x4 Off Road Championship 2000/2001.

Round 5, NewcastleWest Co. Limerick.
County Kildare Motor Club, 14th January 2001.

Report by Richard Lombard.

Cummins shows `em how!!!

Tony Cummins gets 1st Overall

As the road rises towards the kingdom leaving Newcastlewest those who have flown for five hours looked left and said "what a sight!", while those who drove for up to five hours looked right and said "what a site!"

A new site, located and arranged by Seamus O'Grady with the landowner Mr. Tim Shanahan, which extended upwards from the inside of a long curve on the road, proved itself to be a natural arena as the day drew onwards.

How many Sunday drives came to a grinding halt as Daddy pulled in for a minute to see what was going on, only to stay for an hour or longer! Soon there was a crowd of up to a hundred spectators viewing a show the west had never seen before as jeeps scaled the sides of this shale based hill. Spectators were looking in amazement at the activity and the occasional jeep turning over - regular drivers were looking in amazement at the new arrivals and the scores that were turning over!!!

Smokies last run!!

21 -v- 28 Sorry Paul!!!

Brian Berkery has a lot to answer for and must surely have a small factory at home processing Limerick people and jeeps into drivers and triallers. The usual battle for points between the midlanders and the southerners was won by a sharp incursion from the Wild west. The sharp increase in the number of new drivers has injected spirited competition into the event and who knows what is to come during the 2001.
Competition in the Novice class was so intense something had to give up and so it did - upwards! Novices and recently arrived drivers filled their quota of Class 4 places and drove on to fill places in classes 1, 2 and finishing with an amazing clinching of 1st overall by Tony Cummins in a Suzuki. For Paul McCarthy the nights are not long enough but the days are just enough as he arrived with his "Night in shining Armour" to do battle again.

Go On Go On Go On!!!

We`ll move it!!!

Battle he did and came away with the spoils in taking 1st in Class 5 over Ed Pratt and Ivor Clegg in the Beast, a recurring event at this stage. A good looking woman will always draw the attention of onlookers, wrap her up and hide her under a helmet and you can only judge her by her actions. Jennifer O'Shea's arrival at the starting line, having swapped seating positions in the Eagle, represented the end of her journey which started in a severe roll as a passenger with Mick, her father, some years ago in Tullow .
Although she did not move the mountain, Jennifer did try hard to move the bulldozer which obstructed her, but it was not enough to stall her in her drive through the Novice class and up the hill to 2nd place in Class 2. Well tutored and instructed by Paul O'Byrne she drove superbly for the day. (Un)fortunately she was unable to accumulate as many points as her co-driver for the day. Maybe he could teach her for next time out - seven should be enough!

This is easy Paul!!!

It`s getting dark!!!

Class 1 has not seen such tight competition for a long time with the compact and fresh site causing continual turmoil in the results giving us all food for thought as to what the new year will bring in coming results. As the fresh dry day ended the 4x4 carnival left having established a fresh outpost in the West. We'll be back!
Tony Cummins 1 13 1st o/a
Damien Heneghan 1 14 2nd o/a
John Sheridan 1 16 3rd o/a
Liam Ryan 1 16 1st c1
Stuart Wallace 1 16 2nd c1
Pat Hogan 1 17 3rd c1
Mervyn Colton 2 14 1st c2
Malcom Cooper 2 16 2nd c2
John O`Shea 2 21 3rd c2
John Franklin 3 22 1st c3
Vincent Dorney 3 25 2nd c3
Robin Lyons 3 33 3rd c3
Tony Cummins 4 13 1st c4
John Sheridan 4 16 2nd c4
Liam Ryan 4 16 3rd c4
Paul McCarthy 5 12 1st c5
Edwin Pratt 5 12 2nd c5
Ivor Clegg 5 16 3rd c5

These pictures were created by Ivor Clegg Photographer to the sport!!!


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