2001/2002 4 X 4 CHAMPIONSHIP


The 2001/2002 Championship will be run over a minimum of 9 rounds with the best 7 scores to count. If for any reason rounds are cancelled the following will apply:-

a) One round cancelled, two scores may be dropped.
b) Two or more rounds cancelled, only 1 score may be dropped.

However, if any further rounds are run then 3 scores may be dropped.

Points System

Overall Positions - Non registered competitors will be eliminated before points are awarded as follows- 1st Overall 30 points; 2nd Overall 29 points down to 1 point for 30th Overall.

Non registered competitors will be eliminated before class points are awarded as follows - 15 points for 1st in each class, down to 1 point for 15th in class.


Championship and Event Awards

1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class. No competitor may win more than one award.



The resolution of ties in the overall Championship will be decided as follows:
a. Novice driver shall take precedence (Class 4 over Class 5, 2 and 1).
b. Class 1, 2, shall take precedence over Class 5.
c. The greater number of wins in the current Championship.
d. The greater number of 2nd, 3rd, etc. placings in the current Championship.
e. The number of competitors beaten on the 1st ,2nd, 3rd etc. event in the current Championship.
f. All leaf sprung over non all leaf sprung vehicles.
g. Long wheel base over short wheel base.
h. Smaller engine size - Diesel engine = 1.5 times petrol and turbo diesel engines.

The resolution of ties for championship points and class places in an individual event will be decided as follows:
a. Novice driver shall take precedence (Class 4 over Class 2 and 1).
b. Class 1, 2, shall take precedence over Class 5.
c. The number of 0`s, 1`s, 2`s, etc. scored on the event
d. All leaf sprung over non all leaf sprung vehicles.
e. Long wheel base over short wheel base.
f. Smaller engine size - Diesel engine = 1.5 times petrol and turbo diesel engines.


In order to score points in the Championship, all competitors - excluding Class 4 - must fill in, sign and return the Registration form together with a fee of 10 to the Event Secretary of the first qualifying round in which they compete. Points will not be awarded retrospectively.

The Championship will be run under the General Competition Rule of Motorsport Ireland(RIAC), regulations issued for each event and any other Supplementary Regulations and Final Instructions as may be issued.

In cases of dispute, the interpretation of these rules will rest with the organising committee. The club reserve the right to alter or cancel the regulations of the Championship if deemed to be necessary.

2001/2002 DATES.





Round 1.

Co. Kildare Motor Club

September 23rd 2001

Hospital, Co. Limerick

Round 2.

Tipperary Motor Club

October 14th 2001

Cashel , Co. Tipperary

Round 3.

Munster M.C.& C.C.

November 11th 2001

Kinsale Rd Roundabout Cork

Round 4.

Cork Motor Club

November 25th 2001

Carrigrohane P.O., Co. Cork

Round 5.

Co. Kildare Motor Club

January 20th 2002

Newcastlewest , Co. Limerick

Round 6.

Munster Motor Club

February 23/24th 2002

Kinsale Rd Roundabout Cork

Round 7.

Motor Enthusiasts Club

March 24th 2002


Round 8.

N.I. 4WD Club

April 28th 2002

Cookstown , Co. Tyrone

Round 9.

Co. Kildare Motor Club

May 18\19th 2002

Cashel , Co. Tipperary



Any production 4 wheel drive vehicle with 4x4 off road capabilities excluding those with LSD and/or lockable diffs. Vehicles with engine conversions (as decided by the Scrutineer /Organising Committee) are also eligible. In the interest of economy, bumpers may be removed and air intakes may be altered. Suspension modifications are not allowed. Haflingers , Steyrpuch , Unimogs and forward control landrovers are not allowed. 4 wheel steer and A.T.V.`s (quad/tricycle type) are also not allowed. A roll-cage of minimum of 50 mm steel bar with wall thickness of tube to be minimum 2 mm with all 6 points properly secured to the vehicle structure generally to the shape of FIA drawing number 253.7 are mandatory for all vehicles. 3 point seat belts and helmets are mandatory for drivers and passengers. Full harness type belts are recommended. Helmets must comply with RTA regulations - S.I. No. 322 of 1993. Passenger grab handles and a 2nd return spring on all throttles are mandatory for all vehicles. An isolation switch capable of being operated from both inside and outside the vehicle is strongly recommended. Battery terminals must be fully insulated. Side impact bars are mandatory for all open sided vehicles to a maximum height of 12" from the floor. Window webbing is required in all vehicles without a harness, where the window is non existent or to remain open. No loose equipment may be carried in the vehicle while in the tests.

Competitors must carry the Championship sponsors decals and door plates displaying competitor number(s), as stipulated, on all counting rounds. No points will be allocated to any competitor who fails to comply with this regulation.


Any type of production tyre may be used but must not be fitted with studs or chains or exceed 35x12.5/16. The maximum tyre diameter must not exceed 35". Wheel rim width must not exceed 8". Tyres manufactured specifically for agricultural use or marked for use at limited speeds are not permitted. No Dumper pattern or low ground pressure "balloon" type tyres allowed. Hand cut tyres are not allowed. Tyres with open centres or over aggressive thread patterns (as decided by the Scrutineer /organising committee) are not permitted. An effective parking brake is obligatory. It must simultaneously control the two wheels of the same axle.


All vehicles must carry a fire extinguisher in proper working condition, minimum 2 kg.


The position of the towing eyes must be marked by an obvious (red or yellow) arrow situated on the bonnet and rear of the vehicle above the water/mud line. Tow ropes must be carried ( inch nylon minimum) in a suitable place above the water/mud line, coiled and ready for use. Wire ropes must NOT be used. Snatch Rescues may not be used.


1. All Suzuki 4 wheel drive vehicles.
2. All remaining 4 wheel drive vehicles excluding Class 5.
4. Novices - the definition of a novice shall be any competitor who has not competed in any 4x4 event previously, or who has not won any prize at any previous Championship event. Status to remain until end of season in which first award is won . Novice class is only open to drivers of Class 1, 2 and 3 vehicles.
5. Prototype Class - This class is open to any eligible vehicle which may be modified subject to the following restrictions:
a. Rigid chassis only.
b. Minimum wheel base length of 2000 cm.
c. One steering axle only.
d. A hand operated / non hydraulic fiddle brake system is allowed on rear axle only and must not interfere with main hydraulic system.
a. Diff locks allowed.
b. Two independent braking systems required.
c. A three point full harness and helmet for both driver and passenger is compulsory.
Competitors in this class can only compete in one class per event.


Starting order will be announced at drivers briefing. Starting order will be decided using the following criteria :
a. All competitors registered for the Championship will be issued random competitor numbers at the beginning of season.
b. These numbers (excluding Novices) will be put into a "drum".
c. A number will be pulled from the "drum" and matched to a number pulled from another "drum" containing the four test numbers. From this the first Competitors into all tests will be decided, based on the total number of entrants. Double drives must be separated by 2 numbers- i.e. if driver A is number 1 driver B is 4 etc. Novices must not be nominated as first driver into any first run tests.


The course will be of a sporting nature and will include observed sections only. The route will be marked and the onus will be on the competitor to follow the correct course. At least 50% of all sections must be attempted or completed. The penalty for breach of this rule is automatic exclusion. Any tests not attempted will carry an automatic penalty of 10 points. All gates will be a minimum of 3 metres wide. Where tapes is erected to define the course, competitors will be penalised for breaking it. The penalty will be that of the previous gate. A Drivers Course Liaison Officer will be appointed for each event by the Organising Committee. He shall inspect the course in conjunction with the Assistant Clerk of the Course on the evening before the event. The role of Drivers Liaison Officer ceases once the event starts. The course may not be altered by the Drivers Liaison Officer (or any competitor) without the prior consent of the Clerk of the Course. No driver will be allowed to be Course Liaison Officer for more than two events in this Championship.

All competitors are required to sign on as marshalls in the event of their vehicle not being capable of finishing the event.


A practise area will be available to all novice competitors only, after they have signed on and passed scrutiny. This practice area will be closed upon commencement of Drivers Briefing.


All vehicles with a wheel base length in excess of 2185 cm are allowed a maximum of one shunt per test. If the shunt is not nominated to the starting marhall (or if the shunt takes place other than between the gates nominated) the shunt will not be allowed and normal penalties will be incurred for cessation of forward motion. After arriving at the nominated shunting area the vehicle must be brought to a complete stop and thereafter, upon instruction by the marshall, the vehicle will be allowed to reverse one vehicle length only, any movement in excess of this will incur the penalty of the previous gate. While the shunt is being executed the vehicle may cross its tracks but not touch a marker pole or break the tape.


No vehicles may be on the course outside competition times unless with explicit permission of the Clerk of the Course. All vehicles must go to Pairc Ferme when not competing.


Penalty marks from 10 to 0 will be awarded to where the vehicle ceases forward motion or touches a marker pole or breaks the tape. The complete vehicle must pass cleanly through all marker gates. A clean non-stop passage through an observed section will gain 0 penalties. A vehicle may not cross its track at any stage in a test. Looping around the Start and Finish areas is strictly forbidden. Smoking is not permitted by either driver or passenger while competing on a test and seat belts must be worn by crews while competing on tests. Breach of the above rules will automatically carry the maximum penalty of 10. The penalty mark incurred by any driver will be indicated to him by the marshall raising a red flag when the penalty has occurred, the driver must then stop and have his card punched and follow all subsequent instructions given by the marshall. The driver who starts a test must finish the test. The penalty for breach of these rules is 10 points. In deciding Overall/Event results Class 5 competitors only will be scored as follows:

The higher of
a. 2.25 times actual penalties accrued OR
b. 1.5 penalties per test in event. (i.e. 8 tests = 12 or 16 tests = 24)


A maximum of 2 drivers per vehicle is allowed. One passenger only may be carried and must remain within the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Neither member of the crew may leave the vehicle while it is on the Trial Zone. Competitors may only drive or be a passenger in the vehicle in which they are entered. The penalty for breach of this rule is 10 marks. All drivers and passengers must complete an entry form with the organisers of each event and sign the indemnity. In the case of persons under 18 years of age this must be countersigned by a Parent or Guardian. Competition Licences are not required for passengers. Passengers must be 14 years of age or over. Passengers must register and sign on with the organisers at the start of the event. Competitors found to be carrying unauthorised passengers will be excluded from the results. Any driver carrying a passenger who has not entered for the event may be excluded and be subject to any other penalty as the Clerks of the Course may decide. In the case of passengers only, the 72 hour entry rule may be applied at the discretion of the organisers of each individual event.

Competition vehicles found to be driven by other than the competitors during the event may result in both competitors being excluded at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course. Competitors found to be driving from test to test at excessive speed will be immediately excluded from the event.

Outside assistance is prohibited while the vehicle is in the Trial Zone and the penalty shall be 10 marks for a competitor who has benefited from such assistance.



Scrutiny will take place in a designated place and all competitors must proceed to that place and await their turn. Competitors are obliged to present their vehicles for scrutiny at least one hour before the due start time.


Drivers Briefing will take place 15 minutes before the due start time of the event.

The Championship registrar (or his nominee) may address the drivers at each Drivers Briefing.

The organisers of any event may limit the number of competitors and entries will be accepted on a "first come first served" basis. Entry fee will be 30.00 (inclusive of Personal Accident Insurance) for all those who enter at least 3 days before Official Closing Date and will be 35.00 (inclusive of Personal Accident Insurance) thereafter. For competitors from other ASN`s the entry fee is 15.00 (inclusive of Personal Accident Insurance).

No entries may be taken on the day.

Registrar: Mr. Shane McMeel,

2, Weston Drive,
Weston Park,
Co. Dublin.
Phone- (01)-6281706 before 10.30 p.m.
Mobile 087- 2491586.