4x4 vehicles , even perfectly standard ones straight from the showroom, are capable of some quite remarkable feats of cross country driving.

The format of the competition is that competitors must negotiate four courses twice at each event. Each course consists of a series of "Gates" which the competitors must pass through cleanly and without stopping.
Needless to say the "Gates" will be located on the most difficult ground to test the skill of both driver and machine.

Some sections would do justice to a mountain goat while others would be more suitable for a swamp rat.

Apart from some sign writing and the addition of mandatory towropes, the only change from standard is in the fitting of some tyres more suited to the job in hand. Watch the antics during the an event as the drivers climb and descend banks so steep you can hardly stand on them, or scramble over deep ruts which threaten to twist the axles in a knot!

And you're not seeing things . . . those really are 1994 registration numbers out there.


Any production 4x4 is eligible to take part, including "Specials" which have a separate class. The main vehicles at the moment are Suzuki`s , Landrovers, Daihatsu`s , Toyota's and some Specials. Some of these are road going vehicles beyond their prime while others are ones which have been subsequently refurbished for trialing.

A lot of these vehicles can be sourced in the small ads of national papers or magazines such as Buy & Sell. Many of the competitors know of vehicles that could be purchased for little more than £500, and can be convinced to part with this knowledge at any of the events.


Off road tyres are essential although many people have as much fun on ordinary road going tyres. If you wish to be competitive you will need Off Road tyres.

A roll cage is a minimum requirement for all vehicles while the following are also mandatory
1. Seat belts and helmets.
2. Fire extinguishers.
3. Tow ropes & towing eyes.

As with other forms of motorsport, a means of transporting your vehicle to and from he events is required if the vehicle is not road-legal.
Wellingtons and a sense of humour are also required.


A Motorsport Ireland (RIAC) clubman licence is required by all competitors. A special one day licence can be purchased at the events if potential competitors would like to sample a days driving before getting involved full time.


Entry fee per event is £30 incl. Personal Accident insurance. For Competitors from Northern Ireland and further afield the Entry Fee is £15 incl. Personal Accident insurance.

Fuel used during the event can range from £5 per day for the diesel vehicles (yes really) to £30 per day for the V8 monsters. Helmets are of a minimal cost (low specification required) and no special clothing is required. A full set of tyres would cost in the region of £350 to £500 but would last for up to 3 seasons. Second hand sets can be seen changing hands between competitors at the end of each season.
Dual driving is very popular where one vehicle can be used by two competitors at an event. This has the effect of halving the vehicle running costs for each competitor.


Motorsport Ireland 34, Dawson St, Dublin 2. Phone (01)-6775628 Fax (01)-6710793

County Kildare Motor Club
Shane McMeel 087-2491586

Cork Motor Club
Vincent Dorney 086-2580553

Motor Enthusiasts Club
Roy Stewart 01-2951956

Northern Ireland 4 Wheel Drive Club
Jackie Whann (08)0184-9433564

Munster M.C. & C.C.
Don Montgomery 087-2240747

Tipperary L.M.C. & C.C.
Michael O`Sullivan 052-65462

Further information on the Internet at
Or by contacting the Championship
Registrar Shane McMeel @ 01-6281706 (before 10pm) E-mail

1999/2000 DATES

19th Sept. 1999 Co. Kildare Motor Club Venue signposted from Tullow, Co. Carlow

10th Oct.1999 Tipperary Motor Club
Venue signposted from Cashel, Co. Tipp.

31st Oct. 1999 Co. Kildare Motor Club
Venue signposted from Tullow, Co. Carlow

21st Nov. 1999 Cork Motor Club
Venue signposted from Carrigrohane P.O. Co. Cork

16th Jan. 2000 Co. Kildare Motor Club
Venue signposted from Tullow, Co. Carlow

19/20th Feb. 2000 Munster Motor Club
Venue signposted from Kinsale Road Roundabout, Cork

26th Mar. 2000 Motor Enthusiasts Club Venue signposted from Blessington, Dublin

16th April 2000 N.I. 4 WD Club
Venue signposted from Cookstown, Tyrone

20/21st May 2000 Co. Kildare Motor Club
Venue signposted from Tullow, Co. Carlow

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