Over 10 Years in Trialing


By Diarmaid Drennan

The first time I can remember seeing anything in connection with the 4x4 championship was a number of years ago near Timahoe in Laois where there was a big banner saying "Welcome race fans General Tyre" or something to that effect and a big yellow sign for 4x4 underneath. So I went and had a look and now some years later here I am taking part.

Motorsport has always been my biggest interest. Every Saturday evening was spent checking Aertel Page 208 to see what was on. As years went by the thought of taking part emerged. Rallying was number one but budgets wouldn't reach that far. In 1994 following a big off in an Escort XR3 I bought an Isuzu Trooper and thus 4x4's became the order of the day. Having put the Trooper to the test in fields and forests I decided to try get a jeep for something more challenging and excitng for both myself and my machine.

I traveled to a number of 4x4 events to see what was popular. Having driven a Suzuki while on holidays I decided to try and get one. Around the same time I met Shane McMeel at the Tullamore Agricultural Show and we had a chat about the Championship. Shortly afterwards the rules and reg's for the first round arrived at home so it was time to start looking. One Saturday in early September I saw a Suzuki advertised and the rest is history.

For anyone thinking of entering the championship come along to any of the events and have a chat with myself and the other drivers. We're a friendly bunch and are always glad to see new competitors.