This year saw the introduction of a new class to 4x4 Trials competition . Class 6 as it is known is introduced to cater for the the large ammounts of Taxed & Insured Road going 4x4`s out there. The emphasis will be on fun and enjoyment. Entries will be limited to the first 20 only.

This class is open to anyone anywhere who owns & drives a 4x4 on the road and wants to tryout it`s offroad capabilities. The tests will be similar to Championship layout but will be less severe and non damaging. The route will be marked by bamboo canes.

Eligble vehicles for this class are as follows - all standard 4x4 production vehicles which are road taxed and insured are eligble to compete. Eligible vehicles will compete over separate tests to all other classes. Locking differentials cannot be used while competing on tests. Tow hitches and side running bars may be removed in the interests of economy. Vehicles must be driven to site on tyres on which it will compete on.

Entrants will be subdivided into the the following sub-classes:
6.1 All Suzuki 4 wheel drive vehicles
6.2 All other 4 wheel drive vehicles
6.3 Competitors who have competed in any 4x4 event previously.
Competitors in Class 6 are not eligble for Overall awards.

All tests will be marked by bamboo canes. Helmets and roll cages are not required in any of the above sub classes. Front seat passengers only may be carried while on the Tests. No loose equipment may be carried in the vehicle while in the tests.

1) Course. The course will be of non damaging nature and will include observed sections only. The route will be marked and the onus will be on the driver to follow the correct course. Looping the Start 1 Finish gates is forbidden.

2) Vehicles. All vehicles must be taxed and M.0.T.'d and presented to Scrutineer in a road worthy condition.


Best Runner on the day. 1st in Class 6.1 & 6.2. 1st only in Class 6.3.