RTV Trials

Kart City, Santry, Co. Dublin.
Kildare Motor Club, 16th January 2000.

Report by Richard Lombard. CoC

The first RTV [Road Taxed Vehicle] trial in a series of RTV 4x4 trials to be run by Co. Kildare Motor Club, was run at Kart City, Santry beside the M50 by kind permission of Mr. Michael Lennon.

The setting of the course took quite some thought in order to suit the ability of road equipped jeeps and yet still pose driving skill problems with no resultant vehicle damage. The competitors were not to know that the apprehension of the C.O.C. both matched and more than equalled theirs.

Which Way????

Jonathan leads the way

The line of RTV competitors included such makes as Isuzu, Pajero, Discovery, Jeep, Toyota and Land Rover 90, 109 & 110, each their owners pride and joy.

A mini mud bath after the second gate, on the first test gave everybody a taste for what was to come and some of the vehicles which never even saw a front lawn were soon scrambling their way along banks, up hills and through water. The weather was perfect- clear with no wind or rain. Likewise the going was great - a thin film of well stirred mud, plenty of water and greasy slopes.

The experienced drivers class was represented by Johnathan Henegan in a Land Rover 90 and a very well dressed gentleman in a very roadgoing Land Rover Discovery who entered under the name of Mr. Edwin Pratt. The smooth driving of Johnathan gave everybody the very false confidence that they could easily follow his progress around the course. As the other contestant in the class, Edwin, progressed in various directions about the course the newcomers must have thought it unfair that all the ch(j)eers were reserved for Edwin but at least he responded by presenting us with the biggest score of the day!

As the tests and the day progressed, the various combinations of tyres, auto & manual boxes and long & short wheelbases were each tackling the various obstacles and deteriorating surfaces with ever growing enthusiasm and increasing experience.

Ralph Tyrrell secures win

Rene shows her skill!!

1st overall was won by Ralph Tyrell in his 110 Land Rover who steadily and consistently achieved excellent scores. In class 6.2, the smooth V8 Land Rover driven by Brendan Wyse from Stillorgan notched up 3rd, his own private competition in progress in the only double driven vehicle on the day alongside Trevor Pedlow. The Toyota Hi-Lux owned by Sean Molyneaux from Kilcock moved securily and neatly into 2nd place. While all the lads watched each other closely as to their ability, few were to realise that the last entry was sweetly and skillfully closing in from behind in the form of Rene Richardson and her Jeep Wrangler. Her large radiant smile was well justified against her low number scoring as she accepted 1st prize in her class to the full approval of all present.

Alan McCloud in his Isuzu had a great day driving and hs parting comments were "I`ll be back!" . Tony Murray said he was amazed by what his Pajero could actually do off road. His able assistant/Manager Sharon looked forward to the next event so that she could show Tony how to actually drive!!

Chris Doyle in his Land Rover Discovery and Sean O`Reilly had a great battle all day with Chris eventually coming out on top. On retiring to the clubhouse at Kart City, all competitors were extremely pleased with the day's outing and eagerly looking forward to the next RTV event.

Many thanks to the support team in scrutiny, registration, layouts, marshalling, RIAC steward and to Michael Lennon.

Thankfully the sun did set over Kart City or those eleven competitors would still be out enjoying there themselves.

Land Rover Club Of Ireland

These pictures were created by Ivor Clegg Photographer to the sport!!!


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