This page is to give an idea of what to expect over the course of five years with a GSXR 750H, the outlay covers dates, mileages & jobs done/parts replaced

please note that while every effort has been made to keep this list updated in the last five years there are a couple of entries missing due to laziness if the log was further than arms reach away or I just plumb forgot. The only entries missing are brake pads/oil/oil filter/sparks so do them at every 4,000km., obviously brake pads when they wear out.


 jobs carried out/parts replaced



new tyres, metzlers, rear ME1comp k 150/70~front lazer ME33 110/80



 oil/oil filter/spark plugs



 secondhand rear shock



 rear wheel cush drive bearings/rear tyre Avon AM23 150/70



 oil/oil filter



valve clearances adjusted & new spark plugs

 40,137(note lack of mileage between this & last entry this is 'cause the speedo cable was broken for a few months)


 rear tyre metzler ME1 comp k 150/70 & wheel balancing



new rear shock(quantum)



  carbs cleaned tuned balanced/oil/oil filter/spark plugs



 valves checked & adjusted



 rear tyre Avon AM23 150/70



 oil/oil filter



heavy duty "o"ring chain/sprockets/spark plug

 50,150(A scottoiler was fitted shortly after I got the bike explaining long chain life)


 swinging arm bearings



 drive shaft bearing/oil/oil filter/oil seals/cleaned carbs



 rear tyre Avon AM23 150/70



 new battery



 front tyre Avon AM23 110/80 ~ fork oil seals



 carbs cleaned & balanced



 rear tyre Avon AM23 150/70(this entry is a very popular one due to the soft racing compound for excellent grip & shitty mileage, but there worth it for the confidence factor)/brakes all round



 throttle cable(open & shut even though the shut off cable was still near perfect)



 oil /oil filter



 valve clearances checked & adjusted



 oil/oil filter/spark plugs



 rear tyre Avon Supervenom 140/70

 61,200(note cheaper back tyre, it's as good on the road & lasts a lot longer than the AM23)


 brakes all round/another new rear shock



 chain/sprockets/speedo cable

63,000 (note lack of mileage between this & last entry this is 'cause the speedo cable was broken for a few months) 


 lazer 4-1 exhaust pipe/steering head bearings/goodridge hosing brakes, clutch/swinging arm & suspension bushes & bearings



front tyre Avon AM22 110/80 & rear tyre Avon Supervenom / battery/ brakes/front brake seals & dust seals/ front brake master cylinder piston assembly



starter motor bushes




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