Stuka Variants

stuka Ju 87B-1

Junkers Ju 87B-1

Possible the first 'B' model Stuka to drop bombs in anger , this early aircraft served with the Condor Legion staffel ' Jolanthe'.The unit named after a pig in a Berling comedy was formed by members of one of the first operational Stuka Geschwader , StG 163.

stuka Ju 87B-1

Ju 87D-1/Trop

Shown carrying a single SC1000 (1000 kg) bomb this aircraft shows the more aerodynamically refined fuselage and cockpit which distinguish the 'D' model Stuka from its predecessors.S7 = KS is marked in the colors of 8 Staffel , Stukageschwader 3 based at Derna in Libya in June 1942 but it was actually the personal aircraft of Oberstleutnant Walther Siegel , the Geschwaderkommodore.

Stuka Variants

Ju 87A-0
Pre-production aircraft.

Ju 87A-1
Production version 1937.

Ju 87A-2
Introduced Jumo 210 supercharged engine.

Ju 87B-0
Pre-production series of re-designed Ju 87B.

Ju 87B-1
Standard version 1939 introduced 1,200 hp Jumo 211.

Ju 87B-2
Improved version available with ski or tropical fits : supplied to Italy , Bulgaria , Hungary and Romania.

Ju 87R1-4
Anti-ship versions of Ju 87B-1 with provision for drop tanks but armed with only one 260 kg bomb.

Ju 87C
Carrier version for Graf Zappelin (also recorded as Ju 87T).

Ju 87D-1
Introduced revised layout , new canopy and updated 1,410 hp Jumo engine.

Ju 87D-2
Glider tug version , used in North Africa.

Ju 87D-3
Additional armour plating.

Ju 87D-4
Equipped to carry a torpedo.

Ju 87D-5
Level attack version : no divebrake but extended wings.

Ju 87D-7
Night intruder with no dive brakes , flame-dampened exhausts , night flying equipment and twin 20 mm cannon.

Ju 87D-8
Definitive production version of Ju 87D-7.

Ju 87G-1
Anti-armour version of Ju 87D-5 armed with twin 37 mm cannon.

Ju 87H
Ju 87D trainer.

Total Ju 87 production