Oifig an Cheoil
first opened its doors in April 1994 as a
contact and information centre for musicians and others
involved in the performing arts.

The aims of the office are :
To promote creative expression
To encourage the composition of new
music and the development of personal styles.

The advantages :
The important elements in putting a tour together are
contacts and being contactable.
Oifig an Cheoil provides these facilities for
musicians and tour organisers to use.

Information is another key element in organising
a musical career.
Oifig an Cheoil provides access to world-wide information
and if we haven't got it we will look for it with you.

The key to a sucessfull music career is focus.
In the supportive environment provided by Oifig an Cheoil
musicians can deal with the business aspects necessary
to sustain a livelihood.

Information on :
Arranging Tours
The recording process
Contracts and copyright

Following facilities are provided
to full members :

Answering service
Computer system with full access to Internet
Information Bank
A supportive atmosphere to work in

How to join :
Simply fill out the following form or e-mail us if you like to
get more information.

Membership :
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