Coolmountain C.C.

The West Cork Rebels

Mizen C.C.
Fixtures 2001 (All matches Division 3 unless otherwise stated.)
Saturday 05-May-01 Limerick Cork Rebels Plassey Junior Cup Ist Round A
Sunday 13-May-01 Coolmountain Kerry 2 Bandon
Sunday 13-May-01 Mizen Uni Limerick Schull
Sunday 13-May-01 Midleton 2 Lismore 2 College
Saturday 19-May-01 Kerry 2 Midleton 2 Tralee RFC Minor Cup 1 st Round A
Sunday 20-May-01 Clonmel Harlequins Convent Minor Cup 1 st Round B
Saturday 26-May-01 Limerick UCC Plassey Senior Shield
Saturday 02-Jun-01 Lismore 2 Coolmountain Castle Farm
Saturday 02-Jun-01 Kerry 2 Mizen Tralee RFC
Saturday 02-Jun-01 Midleton 2 Uni Limerick College Division 3
Saturday 09-Jun-01 Kerry Clonmel Tralee RFC Junior Cup Qtrs D
Saturday 09-Jun-01 Lismore Cork County 2 Castle Farm Junior Cup Qtrs E
Saturday 09-Jun-01 Coolmountain Uni Limerick Bandon
Saturday 09-Jun-01 Midleton 2 Mizen College
Sunday 10-Jun-01 A Galway A at Home Junior Cup Qtrs B
Sunday 10-Jun-01 Lismore 2 Kerry 2 Castle Farm
Saturday 16-Jun-01 Midleton Harlequins College Junior Cup Qtrs C
Sunday 17-Jun-01 Mizen Presentation College Schull Minor Cup Qtrs C
Sunday 17-Jun-01 Lismore Uni Limerick Castle Farm Minor Cup Qtrs D
Sunday 17-Jun-01 Winner A UCC A at Home Minor Cup Qtrs E
Sunday 17-Jun-01 Winner B Galway B at Home Minor Cup Qtrs F
Saturday 23-Jun-01 Mizen Coolmountain Schull
Saturday 23-Jun-01 Kerry 2 Midleton 2 Tralee RFC
Saturday 23-Jun-01 Uni Limerick Lismore 2 Plassey
Sunday 01-Jul-01 Winner E Winner C E at Home Minor Cup Semis G
Sunday 01-Jul-01 Winner F Winner D F at Home Minor Cup Semis H
Saturday 07-Jul-01 Coolmountain Mizen Bandon Towns Cup Qtrs A
Sunday 08-Jul-01 Coolmountain Midleton 2 Bandon
Sunday 08-Jul-01 Kerry 2 Uni Limerick Tralee RFC
Sunday 08-Jul-01 Mizen Lismore 2 Schull
Saturday 14-Jul-01 Kerry 2 Coolmountain Tralee RFC
Saturday 14-Jul-01 Uni Limerick Mizen Plassey
Saturday 14-Jul-01 Lismore 2 Midleton 2 Castle Farm
Saturday 21-Jul-01 Uni Limerick Midleton 2 Plassey
Saturday 21-Jul-01 Winner B Winner C B at Home Junior Cup Semis F
Saturday 21-Jul-01 Winner D Winner E Junior Cup Semis G
Sunday 22-Jul-01 Coolmountain Lismore 2 Bandon May be 28/29 July
Sunday 22-Jul-01 Mizen Kerry 2 Schull Division 3
Saturday 28-Jul-01 Kerry 2 Clonmel Tralee RFC Towns Cup Semis C
Sunday 29-Jul-01 Winner A Lismore A at Home Towns Cup Semis B
Saturday 11-Aug-01 Uni Limerick Coolmountain Plassey
Saturday 11-Aug-01 Kerry 2 Lismore 2 Tralee RFC
Saturday 11-Aug-01 Mizen Midleton 2 Schull
Sunday 12-Aug-01 Winner F Winner G Mardyke Junior Cup Final H
Sunday 19-Aug-01 Winner G Winner H Mardyke Minor Cup Final
Saturday 25-Aug-01 Coolmountain Mizen Bandon
Saturday 25-Aug-01 Midleton 2 Kerry 2 College
Saturday 25-Aug-01 Lismore 2 Uni Limerick Castle Farm
Sunday 26-Aug-01 Winner B Winner C Mardyke Towns Cup Final
Sunday 02-Sep-01 Midleton 2 Coolmountain College
Sunday 02-Sep-01 Kerry 2 Uni Limerick Tralee RFC
Sunday 02-Sep-01 Lismore 2 Mizen Castle Farm