Hi, and welcome to my information page for the Dublin Mud Meet to be held on Saturday, 24th July 1999. in O Neill's pub, Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, at 1.30PM.

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It's my intention that we would stay here until about 6.00pm, and then leave for something to eat. For those who wish to get their daily fix of Mud, there are a few cyber cafes close by whose services we can avail of. The remainder of the evening will consist of poetry readings, rivetting stories from Immortals, probably a visit to the theatre (cough) and a quick night-cap before it's time for zzz's...yup that should do it.


Have a look at this map -(it's a large one, so please be patient) - Look for grid reference G3. I've highlighted the approximate location in BLUE.

Things to know:

    Getting here.

  1. If you live in the UK, you can either fly or get the ferry. Flights are available from Aer Lingus, Ryan Air, British Midlands. You can get the ferry from either Liverpool or Holyhead to Dublin. If you decide to get the Holyhead ferry, you will arrive in Dun Laoghaire, about 6 miles from Dublin's City Centre. So, be warned. The Liverpool route will take you to Dublin Port, 2 miles from the City Centre.

    If you live in the USA, well I recommend you get in touch with a good travel agent such as my immortal friend, Starfire!


    Lots of accommodation is available. I'd suggest you either contact your local Irish Tourist Board office, or have a look at this link One word of caution when you're booking your accommodation. Make sure your hotel or B&B is central - an easy way to tell this is by checking the postal district of the accommodation. I'd advise you to try and get accommodation in either the Dublin 1 or Dublin 2 postal districts - you'll be within a few minutes of the pub. The online search utility allows you use postal districts, so USE them!! Prices for B&B vary from about 25 pounds to 40 pounds per night. Hotels are a little more expensive.

    If anyone has any questions about the meet, drop me either a Mud Mail at or send an email to me.

    See you all on 24th July, and don't forget the haggis!!!

    -----* Grumpy