ANCESTRIA ( ans-ses-tree-a ) 4th Planet Faldeck System

This large world is notable for one thing mainly and that is the Ancestria Annels. This library is immense with and estimated 80 billion volumes. Its content ranges from the ancient to the modern and mundane. The world of Ancestria is sparsley populated ( 18.5 million pop. ) and is a dry world with a moderate climate. One ocean covers only 8% on the surface and around this the Ancestrian civilisation is geographicaly clustered. More distant settlements are rare and serviced via under ground water supplies.

Ancestrians are a quite biped race, stooped and slow and studious in apearance. The have two eyes deep set and poor vision. Despite this weakness and their general lack of speed they are strong and highly intelligent. Revenue earned from visitng universities, scientific expeditions etc pays for a skillful mercenary force which protect Ancestria and funds expeditions to scout for new material for the Ancestrian liberary. Scouting however is rare and Ancestrian agents will usually hire outside adventurers to find rare texts.