Grand Theft Auto
Three useful cheats for GTA are these:
When selecting your character press delete to rename, then enter the following one at a time. After each entry press return and then delete to enter the next ( you will notice the engine noise is sharper after each cheat is entered). The finaly enter your choosen or made up character name.
1. itstantrum - This will give you infinite lives
2. buckfast - This one give you all weapons on max. Press the star on the keypad to activate when in game.
3. iamgarypenn- Makes the in game curseing more graphic.
A word of advice. The GTA game may exhibit a glitch. You may see an explosion which just keeps detonating, or a wreck - post detonation behaving eratically. If you see the explosion shoot a rocket into it. Your score will take off and reach the maximum in seconds - 999,999,999 points. Bingo you win. I have only come accross this twice, and both on the same session of play ( two seperate games ) so if you see it you have been warned.
Using the break allows you a much tighter turning arc.