Dog Star Free Companies

As their title may suggest the Free Companies origionaly hail from Sirus. They were set up origionaly to tender for and maintain corperate contracts. This is still their main area of involvement in the mercenary trade but they take external combat contracts with Alien governments to teat new recruits and keep existing and long serving man and officers in a state of combat readiness.

Dig Star forces maintain a private space fleet of transporters and combat craft paid for by their lucrative contracts and maintained by their long term employers as part of their renumeration package. This fleet is small fleet is used to carry Dog Star companies into combat and provide orbital and close air support to ground units. Any employer must supply the lions share of troop transports and augment the space combat wing, though not with as many ship that would lead to the Dog Star forces being secondry.

Most Dog Star troops are ex-army or marines who have served with human armies in the past. Aliens are excepted but only under the same criteria as their human counter parts. The Dog Star free companies can field a force of 20-25,000 ground troops including support vehicles and tanks. This is the absolute maximum and has never been done before. Another 40,000 troops provide around the clock protection to at least eight corperate clients, guarding facilities, training police on corporate friendly worlds or close proyection to key personel.

With the Dog Stars size they can also afford, indeed they need, an intelligence wing. This body is recruited and paid for in the same way as the military wing but specialises in covert operation, computer hacking, investigations, intelligance gathering and vetting potential clients ( as well as killing clients who do not pay ).