DURAAS ( dure-ass ) 3rd Planet Leopold System

Duraas , world of wandering cities. Duraas is a planet recovering from a war that raged accross its surface and lower orbital regions for the best part of ninty years. The surface has recovered somewhat due to the amazing efforts of its inhabitants to reclaim the waste lands of the war.

The war on Duraas was waged between initially two rival factions of the indiginious Duranians. However after fifty years of bitter fighting one faction ( the Krar ) were annialated. However their machines of destruction continued to churn out robotic troops and craft of every description. A futher fourty years of blood shed and oil spilage ensued until outside intervention ended the war. The survuving faction, the Elkon and the robotic war machines made peace, amazingly, and now co-habit Duraas.

The Wandering cities of Duraas were once huge mobile transport platforms which have now been joined together and upon them cities built. They number 70 in all and travel accross the surface at altitudes of approx. 5km co-ordinating rebuilding efforts. This remarkable reconstruction of an entire eco system has given the Duranians immense knowladge of genetics. This has led to them becomeing famed for advanced surgery, treatments and the planning and co-ordination of reclamation projects on other worlds. This is the Duranians main source of income and it is very profitable. As for the robotic population, they are charged with the manual task of reconstruction as part of the reparitions paid for their part in prolonging the war.

The Peace Agreement that led to this most unusual of alliances was brokered by the Bionoids, a race discussed here and in the ARF.