If you spend sleepless nights pacing the bedroom, feeling restless, the chances are theres something missing from you life. Well here is the possible amswer. You miss the days of your youth when you would sit in you bed room surrounded knee deep in empty pizza boxes, sweet wrappers and empty coffee cups as you squint into the on rushing star field hoping not to bump into Thargs or space pirates. Before you the galaxy was at your feet as you skillfully navigated it via your rubber key door mat ( if you had a zx spactrum). The good news is that now its free, and you can download it for free because the licence is now share ware. So you can give it to friends. Just do not try to sell it as that would both be dishonest and illegal ( and very unfair to the guy who buys it and the kind Mr. braben who wrote it) so if you down load it from this site. Click on the link down below to download the ZIP file. This game is best played through DOS ( it tends to crash in a dos Dos Window ).


Here is a useful guide to romping about the Galaxy in ELITE First Encounters.

SOL: This is a good base of operations for the aspiring commander who wishs to gain a few brownie points with the Federation. Plenty of missions are available here on the Federation section of the notice board. If you want to up you federation rank then eslect missions which are doable. Take missions within the immediate vacinity of Sol with at least 12 - 14 days available for completion. This sounds like alot but better early than late, failure to complete missions will delay promotion as much if not more than completing one will help. Try however to avoid Alpha Centuri as a mission destination as jumps there land you impossibly far from your destination ( a research station ). A good advantage is less pirates to hassel you but enough to keep your elite rating ticking over.

Achenar: This is where you find yourself at the beguining of each game. It is easiest to get a trade route to xxxxxx. Carry Robots to xxxxx and Narcotics on the return leg. After maybe twenty runs you can upgrade to a far better ship even taking into account the fines for smuggling you may pickup.

Commander Krapfasts Guide to Space Combat

The Classic Complaint Tactic This one always works well when faced with blood thirsty space scum. Allow the enemy to pound your shields while calmly ignoring him. Your snub of his cavorting will really annoy him (FIG 1.1) and allow you time to record his outrageous behavior on a spare piece of paper ( copies of the Imperial news are ideal for this ). Then Spring your suprise. When your ship explodes (FIG 2.2) escape in your escape craft ( thats what its there for) and make your way to the nearest space station and report him to the relevent authorities..

( FIG 1.1 ) & ( FIG 1.2 )

Elite Downloads

Here are some useful files for elite. Please note 3.1 version is the version you can dowmload at the top of the page so you may need this referance. First Encounters Mission guide

Elite 3.1 Controls Manual

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