FEMARK ( fee-mark ) 6th Planet Foe System

The World of Femark is positivly bursting with life. Its surface is covered by 38% fresh water ocean but this in turn is smuthered thick forest which sprawls over the surface. The famous forest of Femark sems to be one gigantic mass of interlecking branched which average 40 meters thick though some have been measured in particularly dense areas as being upto 120 meters diameter. The forest in 3km in height and each "branch" is in fact an individual tree. These trees grow upon on another and link up to create an irregular lattice. Those tree that fail to link die and fall off.

From its airy canopy to its dark depths denizens and creatures of all descriptions live in uncounted numbers. Some settlements of colonists have managed to gainn a foot hold on Femark but lessons learned in the past have made them adapt to living in unison with the immense forest. To destroy trees at any level leads to increased numbers violent reactions from preditors. It has been speculated that metoers striking the canopy may prevoke preditors and scavangers act in search of injured or crippled animals. This has yet to be proven but minor meteor strikes have preduced this effect on the food chain.

Colonists who live on Femark draw water and sustenance from tree trunks by methods that are as non invasice as posssible. Two grouping of colonists have the facilities to repair and land space craft by constructing vast gantrys unpon the upper conopy. The total population of colonists is somewhere in the region of 60,000. An indiginous species does exist on this world at a great deapth within the forest. To date little is known about this bi-ped race. Rumours abound about an advanced civilisation which exists higher up, but given Femarks immense size and the impenatrable nature of its forest it may be some time before solid information on either of these races comes to light.