Welcome to the Flight Controllers Office. Follow the steps below to submit designs or advice on creating your own ( with download template ).

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR DESIGNS. You should make sure you include the following with you designs: A. A deckplan or Picture of the ship. JPG and BMPs are acceptable as I can change them into Gif. B. The ships classification ( trader, explorer, warship etc.) C. A brief description of the vessel and any special functions it may have. Now all you need do is click below to e-mail your design to the Yard.

SHIP DESIGN. There are a few mapping applications available commercialy but if you do not have the cash/time or are ( like me ) just to lazy to get one I sujest the following. If you have an art package which can lay down a grid this will do for the basis of deck layout. If you don't have one then download the zipped jpgs below. Opening them in Mspaint will convert them to BMP format. Them use the MS Paint tools to design you deck layout ( that simple ).


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