GANELBAK ( Gan - ill - back ) 2nd Planet Ganelbak System

Ganelbak is a largley desolate planet and recieves few off-world visitors. Predominitly the landscape of Ganelbak consists of mountains with 57% ocean coverage. The climate is cold and coastal regions are the only areas where vegitation is present in apreciable size. The coastal forests which extend in to the oceans they border by 1 km approx are home to the planets most intelligent residents, an arachnid race called the Gannels.

The other race present on Ganelbak are the Rowak, a bipedal race not unlike the Weren of known space except the sport hair on their backs and heads only. These savage cannablistic creatures roam the permanetly mist shrouded inland hills. They are nomadic sometimes but usually live in caves within the beehive shaped hills and mountains.

The Gannels live in coastal cities amid forest. Their cities are built from black basault with building spire shaped and towering. They posess PL7 technology and maintain a few moderate spaceports. Alien residents are uncommon but embassies and travellers can be found amid the tall spires of Gannel cities. Fraal have settled here in the past and exist in a fishing based villages along the coast.

Genalbak has a past shrouded in mystery. Alien species, many long forgotten attempted to colonise Genalbak but all failed. Evidence exists to support claims by explorers that a huminoid city ,long deserted exits in the mist filled vallies of inland Genalbak. The Fraal act as guides to this back water for explorers in serach of hidden mysteries and lost civilisations. The presence of unusual elements within the crust of Genelbak restrict severely the use of sensor equipment.