GENTAI (gen-tie), 5th planet of the Restax system.

The planet Gentai ( pop = 1.2 billion ) is the home world of the Gentor race and is the hub of Gentor economics and politics throughout Gentor space which consists of twenty five worlds supporting mining operations and trading outposts. Gentai is an agricultural world with heavy emphises on fishing and crop farming although the vast majority of the population is engaged in subsistance farming and is by and large impoverished. The Gentor are ruled by an Autocratic government whose members form a council drawn from military, Civil service, Merhants Guilds and church. The government is maintained by the church who hold sway over the Gentor population by enforcing the strict observance of Gentor ceramony and traditions.

The geography of Gentai is interesting because of the honey comb nature of the planet surface. Subterrainian Cave networks actually circumnavigate Gentai. This proliferation of caves is absent in the artic poles of Gentai. Gentai has ocean coverage over 73% of its surface and has only one continent which claims 60% of the land mass above water. The rest is broken in island chains which stretch around the equatorial region of Gentai. Typically Gentais climate is subtropical.