HARMOOG (har-moo-ge) Sole planet Harmoog system

Harmoog is an icey inhospitable world. Although Harmoog has two indiginous intelligent races ( the Skootri and Vordaren ) civilisation proper was introduced by a forign species approx. 3000 ago.Civilisation takes the form of a single city (Viloorg) which lies 18 degrees north of the planets equator.

Harmoogs sole settlement - Viloorg is built within a ring of volcanic vents which generate thermal energy for the city. Its bleek stone buildings are built from huge blocks of granite and heated by a subterranian network of tunnels which carry heat from the thermal vents into the city.

The Skootri and Vordaren co-exist within the city limits unlike the tribal warlike behaviour on the ice planes exhibited by those who still live the nomadic life. The total popualtion of Harmoog is estimated to be about 22 million with a mere .75 Mil resident in Viloorg. Other smaller fortified settlements scattered accross Harmoog act as trading settlements and meeting places with small ( avg. 1000 ) populations.

On Harmoog all technology is imported and jury-rigged non-standard configurations of equipment are the norm. Accomadation for off worlders is provided by a number of hostels and hotels which are more hospitable structures than the freezing indiginous ones. Nomadic tribes will sell slaves ( captured prisoners ), furs , slated meats and bone blade weapons. A trader can expect to sell metal blade and solid projectile weapons in exchange.

One of the main attractions for off worlders to visit Viloorg is the Ice Arena. This rock structure in the centre of Viloorg is home to brutal and violent games held for the benefit of the Skootri Cheifs. The Arens natural seating holds obout 30,000 people and fighters and monsters from many worlds fight for big money prizes. The money is off world but the Skoorti see 15% of all purse winnings before its paid.