This is the premier Weren employer in the field of bounty hunting. The Weren Agents of Horoon are distinctive in the red ammo bandoliers. The word Horoon means "hunting group" in Weren and this reflects their tactics. Bounty hunting groups operate in packs of eight. One leader and a 2IC form the core of the Horoon. Non-Weren are employed as support personal.

The Horoon agents make a moderate living from their bounties. The troupe mentality and pack hunting that is practiced give a sence of pride to the Weren and to be in the Horoon is considered an honour.

The Horoon are generally well recieved by law enforcement as their methods are sound and professional. The immense size and strenght of Weren means arrest of subjects on worlds with tigh arms control laws is easier. On less ordered worlds the Weren are haevily armed and will usually have a back up team. The Horoon have learned much and as a result have many Weren sleeper agents on different worlds. To be an agent is one thing, but to be called upon to participate in a Horoon action involves firstly the rites of initiation, and then acceptance of the into a Horoon.