These are Shareware games for download. Some are zip files so just unzip them into a folder after download. They all run through Windoes DOS and are also available from "Gamers Inn" which is an excellent resourse for free games.

This is one of my favs. Realy good interface and easy to learn. The grafix are nice for a shareware game.

This is a free ware windows start-up page. Unzip and read the instructions and this STAR TREK theme will apear when your computer loads windows. There are also some tips for how to create your own.

This little program generates a fractal landscape which you fly over. I have used a screen shot in the title of the Book review page. Movement over the landscape is mouse controlled.

A hypnotic kalidiscope program, a great gift fot that friend with cronic virtigo.

Put this on someones deaktop when there not looking. Works best with the computer illiterate.