KELLYS WORLD ( kel-lees ) 3rd Planet Cracious System

Named afer the explorer Byron Kelly who lost his life here, Kellys world is almost entirely ocean. The only land available are complex Corel stuctures which protrude above the ocean surface. An abandoned research station also exists on kellys world to serve as a rescue point to travellers in trouble. Kellys world is a dangerous place due to the presence of huge leviathons which live in its oceans. Several mining craft have fallen victem in years gone by to dissapear without a trace, 67 lives in total lost.

Little of value exists on Kelly's World, the corel being the noly substance readily accessable. A nomad race of semi-aquatic humans exist on Kellys living on raft cities which keep to shallower waters for protection. Their population of 1.7 million is spread accross about 17 cities and many smaller settlements. Their numbers are kept low by the dangerous environment. Dangers such as schools of Flying Dart Fish. These schools of 1kg fish leap from the water an mass to scewer any living thing. The Rafters when ready bait them into attacking and catch then in reinforced net, but suprise attacks claim victems. A storm can blow a Raft community into deep water, in which case the raft is quickly abandoned while a skeleton crew try to steer for shallows before a creature of the deep destroy them and the raft.

The settlers have little to offer traders but meet them at the rescue station to by weapons to protect themselves. Apart from this they have little need of outside help and reject intervention, their relative poverty being a defence in itself.

A rumour persists of a priate base beneath the waves manned by a sub-aquatic race. The settlers can not confirm this but they say they have seen strange sightings although no ship has been attacked in the Cracious system in a long time.