Laseran ( lass-iran ) 2nd world of the Keil Sysytem

If their is one good adjective to describe laseran it must be Wet. Laseran has 99.1% ocean coverage. The population ( approx. 27,000 ) are desended from the origional human settlers and are unsuprisingly fisherman. The only landmass above sea level are basault rock outcrops the largest of which is only 120 Km square. The largest of 190 settlements is the capitol Sea Rock which has the planets only space port. Unusualy the laserans live in spherical houses which are in fact fossilised eggs which are easy to hollow once they have been exposed from the surrounding basault. These strange structures measure on average seven meters in diameter and one house may be two or more linked.

Laserans climate is dominated by rain and high winds for almost half its year although temperatures do noy fall below acceptable tempetures for and period of time.