MYTHERION ( Myth - ear - ion ) 4th Planet Psi Indi System

Mytherion is a strange and beautiful planet populated by the insular Mytherions. As a race they are closley related to the Fraal species although thay have paler skin and a youthful apperance. The Mytherions at all times wear delicate masks which serve as a statement of rank or disposition. In times of strife their masks change accordingly.

The Planet Mytherion is highly populated boasting over 700 million inhabitants on its four continents and extensive island chains. The climate is moderate although every six solar cycles volcanic eruptions occour. The Mytherions have adapted to this sulphuric air polution which can last a full year as has all the indiginious life of Mytherion. Visitors are advised to take precautions least they experiance breathing difficulties. The Mytherions have developed a religion based upon these volcanic events and hence they do not take steps to prevent it using their PL8 technology.

Most of the time Mytherion is a pleasent world of rolling plains and tall forests. The Mytherion cities are built to blend into their surroundings becomming almost invisible ( a stipulation that stems from their relipion ). The sacrifice of off-worlders who break the law to volcanos has yet to be proven.