NOREALE ( nor-al ) 2nd Planet Melifon System

This tiny world is postioned in the Melkon star system, a system much disputed by surrounding starfaring nations because of rich mineral resources on Melkon III ( an inhospitable world ). A small coloney of human pioneers finding themselves the victems of this conflict and short on supplies established a hidden settlement on Noreale. The site chosen was the creater of an inactive island volcano where they constructed a complex argricultural facility of hanging gardens on the inner walls of the ex-volcanic creater. When the strife ended Noreale became a thriving community servicing the mining operations on Melkon III.

The surface of Noreale has only small continents ( total 4 ) making up only 12% of this tiny world. Many hostile species ( plant and animal) have kept colonisation beyond Noreale city to almost non existant levels as no conserted injection of resources or time has ever been made by any government or organisation. Temperatures are high all year round averageing 42C while percipitation is rare, typicaly 30-40 days in Noreales 412 day year.