The Omega Agency provides detailed information gathered by local law enforcemant on criminals wanted for various crimes. Omega Agents are accepted and licenced only after detailed back ground checks. The majority of operatives are ex-law enforcement officers, and Omega employs a number of diplomatic and legal staff directly to handle extradition and custody issues. Omega not only provides info to its operatives it also gives them field support, organising difficult extractions if missions go wrong or providing legal and bail facilities to arrested agents. This siad, Omega will quickly disown rouge agents ( though not all of the time ). In return for this high level of support Omega will expect a higher percentage of the bounty reward. Omega insist that at all times the bounties their agents collect is paid directly to Omega, and from them the agents gets their 60% to Omegas 40%. Indentured hunters can expect to pay 80% to Omega until their debt is paid off. No help is forth comming until legal contracts binding the hunter are signed.

Omega are based upon Mars ( SOL system ) and it is here that Omegas stations throughout the Pegasus arm are administered.