SEPALKA ( sep-pal-kaa ) Asteroid Settlement Nofth System

Sepalka is an city build inside an asteriod with the Nofth asteroid belt. Sepalka is often referred to as the jrwel of Nofth, due to its irridesant quality. A hollowed out asteroid is the basis for the city and its greee buildings, mostly of a pyramidal shape cover the inner walls which are 12km apart at their furthest point. The city was built by the Hydrans, an aquatic race, as a trading post. All the building interiors and passageways have a sealed and seperate water filled equivalent beside them. Sepalka has a settled population of 1.5 million and a transient one of 1 million.

Sepalka extends further than its city environs however. Beyond the city and iys glowing green apature lies the vast mining and defence networks which cover many thosands of asteroids. In order to form as basis for a permanent defence network Sepalka has been surrounded by asteroids towed into position after they have been mined. This shells are used as defence bases or sold as private developments ( 180.000 pop. live within the belt ).