SERACAN ( Sir - a - Kan ) 3rd Planet Nils System

Seracan is a small habitable wolrd with just over 55% ocean coverage. The six continents upon its surface are home to sparse vegitation and animal life little of which is dangerous. Seracan is famous for the research that is carried out uponits surface. Shortly after it was explored extensive deposits of natural crystals were discovered. Later a more thorough expedition discovered that electrical impulses within the crystal structures acyually communicated with each other using simple electric pulses. The observed patterns led the scientists to discover that the crystals were infact sentient. Their intelligence is limited but through much work a basis for communication via AI was worked out. The work currently underway is the discovery of exactly how old these intelligences are ( creating a common understanding of time is diffecult ) and questions about the geological past. There is excited speculation ( unconfirmed ) that the crystaline entities existed before the formation of Seracan and may have been drifting in space, a remnent of a far greater civilisation. This theory has led to the proposition that they were infact computers of ancient origion whose optimal intelligence has been blunted by the extremities of time. Geological and dating evidence supports the pre Seracan theory while on going experiments are rumoured to have given credance to the computer theory. A researh station called the Collosus centre form the hub of Seracans largest settlement, Grendel ( pop. 45,000 ). Temperatures on Seracan are best described as chilly with consant force 4 winds rising to hurricane in the wintering hemospheres.