Solinaar ( sol-in-are ) 2nd Planet Solinaar System

The Planet Solinaar is rich in precious metals and has a huge population ( approx. 29 billion ). The planets itself is huge with a diameter of 85,000 km with an ocean surface of about 31%. The Solenese are a race proud of their achievments which can be seen reflected in their immense cities. Their enormous population is sustained by off world trade, a policy chosen by the ruling Solenese Monarch to make other worlds economicaly dependent on Solinaar. In centuries passed the Solenese have had a violent reputation and had subdued many races. These races were removed completely from their home worlds and transported to Solinaar to act as slaves to their new overlords. The worlds, now the property of the Solinaar Emporer were resettled by allies of the Solinaar becoming tenents to the Solinese Empire. This accounts for currently 25 worlds within Solenese space.

Solinaar is mostly desert which has been irrigated by massive canal networks built by generations of slaves. What is not irrigated desert on Solinaar is mountain and Solinaar sports chains of huge mountains, some as high as 320km.