Thanderaxx ( th-ann-der-axe ) 3rd Planet Skyr System

Thanderaxx is a world with 72% ocean coverage and has two samll continents. Half the planets landmass are extensive island clusters. The humid climate and frequent rain fall keep the years average temperature a mild 15c. Thanderaxx is know for its huge sea creatures and constant sea mist.

The Thanders themselves are human and are organised in society with PL4 capability. The ruling body on Thanderaxx is the Elders council, a secretive and powerful orginisation whose grasp of PL9 technology ensures their continued success. The common people are ruled by Ombudsmen appointed by the council to collect tribute, organise labour and command the Elders armies. The contrast on Thanderaxx is startling. Amid the semi-Medievil society the people maintain the pressence of th elders can be seen. From within their stone castles they control robotic servents to act as emmisaries, off-world representives and soldiers. Augmenting the armies of the Elders are many alien mercenaries who are used to terrify the population into submission.

The most common form of transport on this primative world is flight. The low gravity ( .7 Gs ) combined with unusual anti-gravity technology allow everyday flight. The flight technology involves the locals building harnesses and sleds from the hardened vines of the Aarger plants which grows in all upland regions. When the Aager plant is in proximity with the polin of the undersea Hellis plant which generates electricity for its defence, a repelling charge is created. The Aager comes in to proximity of the polin because the polin is carried in the huge seas of mist that cover the sea surface to a deapth of 30 meters. The harness or sled can allow the user to levitate. Manipulation of weight distribution controls direction and built up of thrust. Loss of equilibrium results in a rather rapid and possibly catathrophic landing. ( GMs: use the Dex Fall and Flight or Str Jump skills if characters wish to try this unusal mode of transport). A one man harness can carry 120 Kgs, this is a full body harness and includes arm powered gliding wings for added control. Larger items are carried over the mist by sky barges, the sled like boats can carry up to 5 tons weight and can add sails or breaking paddels for extra manuverability.

The hunting of the giant Ocean Gatherix provides sustenance and fuel for the Thanders. The islands form the population hub of Thanderaxx and these rocky spikes are connected by flight paths over the sea of mist that surrounds them. The gatherix hunting communities across the islands are mainly villages and small towns. A few major cities exist with populations reaching 750,000 ( Thanderaxx pop. 47 million ).The largest city ,Andur Durn, holds the seat of the Elders council. Its is they who have forbidden all settlement on the continents ( although a few outlaw villages exist in coastal regions hidden beneath the mist). Rumors abound that Elders came from the central continents origionally, and some even say a secret world lies there.

The Elders employ a type of mercenary not seen beyond Thanderaxx, though on Thanderaxx people say they they only arrived about 30 years ago. It is the feared Morren. These flying sreatures are energy intensive beasts of unspecified intelligence. They resemble a dorsal fill in shape and due to their ability to generate anti-gravity look like they are swimming when they move. The Morren are slightly luminous and are brightly coloured ,unusually these colours actually change rapidly and minutly and are for communication between the Morren. The Morren defence is energy based, they have a permanent repelling forcefield ( a derivitive of their flight ability ). The can also direct energy bolts in a forward direction which are very powerful. People on Morren fear the Elders and hate the Morren. Those who commit wrong doing and are caught are given to the Morren, the Morren will consume a person whole by absorbing them in to their semi-jeletinous bodies. The Morren than keep the body alive in a state of deep coma and use it as an engine to generate electricty for their needs until they burn it out.