ZEBLASS PRIME (zee-blas) Second world Zeblass system

Zeblass is home to the Mortras, a feared group of space mauraders and slavers and a respected and revered organisation on Zeblass. The Zeblian race is insular in nature when dealing with other species however this should not be preceved as weakness. Zeblasians are agressive and brutal measuring individual success by foes slaughters, plunder gained and slaves owned. Their heavily stratified society is broken into rankings based upon responsibility for slaves. The lowest being Zeblasians who are charged with the care of slaves, the highest being Zeblasians who own starfaring ships and capture slaves and hostages. This rank gives the title holder rights to buy land ( all others are tenents ) and membership of the Zeblasian External Council ( Z.X.C. an organisation charged with the negioation of ransom demands ).

Zeblass is a hot humid world well siuted to the reptilian Zeblasians. Thick jungle is seperated from the polar regions by the twin oceans of Zeblass which ring the globe. Large mountinous regions charactorise the northern parts of the Zeblass super continent.