Zon ( zaw - on ) 2nd planet Zonkitta System

The planet Zon is a desert world. Eight continents of sand and badlands are seperated by thickly salted oceans. Despite its desolate appearance Zon has a high level of indiginous populations. The three races of Zon are also seperated by the ocean as well as Zon's imense size.

Two of Zons continent are polar continents and hence sparsley populated with indiginous animal life. Three continents share the equator. Two are how to sentients and the third is shared between them. First we shall address the Zonite, the most advanced race on Zon with PL5 technology. They are a repitilian warlike race who rarley wander beyond the hot climate of the equatorial regions although they have been known to launch raids in keeping with their warlike nature. The Zonite live in highland cities and avoid the coastal regions, the Salted breeze there seems to be to the dislike. They venture onto water in ship dragged overland from their cities for voyages. They also are capable of flight in Zepplin ships which are used mainly for scouting and bombing. The Zonite cities are clusters of Mud dwellings of sterdy construction which reach heights of 17 stories. In between this confusing mass of development are huge ziggreat temples, the scene of many sacrafices. The Zonite posess little of value except gold and diamonds which they have in quantity. An off world trading post under the administration of the Rayn Empire exists in the highlands of the Zon continent and free flight and unauthorised landings beyond the post are forbidden.

The equatorial regions are shared with the Zon by the Pafth, a semi-aquatic race evolved from fish. Their rather primitive society is kept in status quo by high birth rate and a disposition as violant as the Zon. Although evolution has faded aquatic ability the Pafth still need plenty of water to survive and sport scally skin and seven fish like eyes. Standing 3 meters in height the path are twice as big as the Zon though not as fast. Their complex evolution has also given them a craving for fresh non-salted water which they need to survive. The Pafth continent is covered in a dense jungle and is surrounded by semi-submerged coastal mountains. The Pafth have several smal cities and many smaller settlements. They are also excellent swimmers but require oxygen so cannot submerge for more than 15 minutes at a time.

These two races are seperated by a third continent. This mountinous continent is half sunken so it forms a mosaic of wide river vallied seperated by jegged peeks. It is the scene of much warring between the Pafth and the Zon.

The third race to inhabit Zon is are the Kireok. A biped huminoid race with darkish blue shin and four arms. They are a hunter gatherer race and rove across the three northern continents in large bands folloeing immense herd of wild Eok ( a shaggy octoped with a bed temper ). They have no cites but do have ships. They use these to attack the Zon who raid them for slaves and sacrafice candidates. Unlike the Pafth and Zon the Kireok have no writen language. The three continents they inhabit range from tundra to fretile grass plains and lush forests. The Kireok are the least warlike and off-world settlers can be found in isolated regions.

The Kireoks lack of language should not be mistaken for stupidy on their part. They have an immensly complex understanding of weather paterns and an astrological calander based on Zons five moons. This calander allow them to predict Zonite raiding patterns and prepare themselves as best they can. The Kireok have constructed huge megalithic stone ciricles which can be found in the Pafth forests and Zonite high lands leading to speculation about their origional strenght.