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Photograph of Ann Murray, fine artist My work to date has been primarily concerned with the human body, either directly or symbolically. I am interested in how culture codifies the physical attributes of the human body - seen particularly in fashion, and also how we relate the body to forms found in nature.

I discovered through histology manuals, the fascinating patterns and shapes found in body tissue and fluids. This led me to produce work concerned primarily with the bodily functions of renewal and reproduction. I have also used the cores of exotic fruits as symbols of reproduction, where colour (reds), form (seeds), and texture (ripe flesh), are those we identify with the body's sensual qualities.

Clothing, being an obvious symbol of the body, inspired me to create a series of paintings and drawings of women's underwear and accessories. These objects in particular have connotations relating to how the female body is perceived. Painted in high detail, some are placed against stark, flat areas of colour; others employ a certain degree of narrative. In all cases, I have attempted to trigger the imagination of the viewer into wondering what kind of individual is connected to these objects - what image do they portray of the modern female.

I enjoy the challenge of painting intricate objects. All of the aforementioned subject matter - especially the underwear - posed technical problems. These included the transparency of net fabric, lace patterns and the plush quality of velvet.

Though I value self-expression, I need stimulating subject matter - which to me is found in surface qualities such as colour, shape and texture.

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