Founded in 1993 in Dublin, Ireland, Phutyle International is a cultural/philosophical/political organisation dedicated to the advancement of Phutilitarianism in association with the Media Research Facility, semTEXT and The Phutopian High Command. The Nulliphidian Foundation is an independent organisation aligned with Phutyle International.

The name "Phutyle" (pronounced 'futile') was coined to represent the paradox that exists in relation to 'useless actions'. It was recognised that every action has some use and effect, and therefore there is no such thing as a futile action, as even a 'futile' action has some effect on something.

Phutyle International's main area of activity is in the formulation of theories and philosophies. Actual productivity, such as putting these theories into practice, is carried out by the various groups founded to carry out work in specific areas:

The Media Research Facility: Art, design, aesthetics and the cultural impact of all forms of media.

semTEXT: Publishing and information services.

The Phutopian High Command: Administration of Phutyle International's independent nation, Phutopia.

Phutyle International has just announced the formation of The University of Phutopia. The University is open to submissions of research proposals leading to professional qualifications.

There is no membership of Phutyle International: It exists in order to formulate and distribute ideas. However both Phutyle international and it's aligned groups welcome collaboration and dialogue with other organisations or individuals of a similar persuasion.

People are invited to become citizens of Phutopia. Follow the link or mail Phutyle International for more details.



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