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Ringfort Mullananallog overlooking Astrich crannog and Ballyoisin Church

Ringfort in Mullanannalog above the crannog at Astrich

Surrounding landsTownland nearby Astrich

Astrich Crannog. A crannog is a man-made island serving as a refuge in times of danger .

Astrich Hills

The Astrich Hills

Ballyoisin, in Knockconan (Ballyotion), Errigal Truagh, Monaghan

Balloisin Church

There was a thatched mass house here in the mid 18th century, and a new chapel in 1820. AKA Knockconan

Penal Cross

A cross of the penal times among several in the Monaghan County Museum. One was found at Astrich Mor in a specially constructed hiding place where the vessels for saying mass and vestments would have also been hidden. The carvings include INRI, the pax symbol.
The Barony of Truagh encompasses the present day Donagh and Errigal Truagh Parishes. The Atty McKenna lands would be in Errigal, north and west of the present day town of Emyvale in Donagh Parish.

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