Though there have been several Prayer Boat concerts in Europe this year, the last concert with the regular line-up (Emmett Tinley-vocal,guitar,piano; Patrick Tinley-guitars; Tony Byrne-bass; Tim Houlihan-drums) was in the Paradiso, Amsterdam on 11th December last year.

Since August 1999 until that show I had been living in Los Angeles, writing new material under a solo deal with American Recordings and attempting some collaborative work with writer/producers over there. This lead to a quest to explore new directions in the music, incorporating new influences and different styles, if only to inject a little magic back into what has been a long and difficult journey for the Prayer Boat.

Meanwhile, Setanta Records in London began re-packaging the Prayer Boat’s 1999 album, ‘Polichinelle’, for a Europe-wide release. Though far from a mammoth campaign, ‘Polichinelle’ should be on record shelves in most of Europe this summer, having already been released in Scandinavia in May through Playground Music and in the UK on June 5th through Setanta Records.

Early in March this year I headed for Europe again and began working with a group of Danish jazz musicians (Chano Olskær-drums; Martin Spure-bass; Tony Nielsen-guitar). Though still under the Prayer Boat name, it was this line-up which embarked on a short tour of Holland in May.

From July, I will be based in Amsterdam with plans to play as many solo shows as possible this summer, bringing the music to anywhere I can. Also, there are several full gigs scheduled but it will be difficult to organise an ongoing tour until September as many clubs have closed down for the summer months.

In October or November I will begin recording a new album for Setanta Records to be released in February of next year. Though many of the songs are written for a new record I am hoping to add many more possibilities to the project and don’t plan to finalise the nature of the album until closer to the time.

And that’s really that!! Right now everyone is working on their own projects and coming together for various gigs over the next few months. But at the end of it all is the promise of a new album next February which is very definitely a step forward. We will be attempting to update the web-site regularly and keep you informed as new concerts are announced.

Most of all, thank you for your patience and support. We get email from around the world from people who heard some one of our records in the oddest places. Most people have come to hear of us through friends or friends of friends. We have never been afforded the opportunity to tour much outside of Ireland and the UK and yet the music is out there somewhere. Keep spreading the good word and we’ll get the records out there and then we’ll get out there ourselves!! Promise!

Love Emmett