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Updated Feb 17 2001

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Vilberto Voli's Page: Institutions / Associations | Education, Schools & Training

AAMA/MARF: Medical AP British Medical AP Society
Active Beijing Comp_Practices.html
Acu Detox Information Center Ecole Franco-Chinoise d'AP - Paris
Acubriefs Newsletter & Mailing List
Acupuncture/TCM/Detox & SUFI Center of BC Canada IVAD [International Veterinary AP Directory]
Advanced Pain Care - Staff IVAS [International Veterinary AP Soc] Homepage
Alt & Comp Vet Centers of New York MAPS: Med Advanced Pain Specialists
AltVetMed - IVAS directory of Veterinary Acupuncturists MARF - Medical AP Research Foundation
AltVetMed: Alt, Comp & Holistic Vet Med: Index NAAV ((Ned Artsen AP Vereneiging - Dutch Med AP Soc)
American College of AP & Oriental Medicine NADA - National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
AP & Chinese Med Inst NADA Links Page
AP & Chinese Med Schools New England School of AP
AP & TCM Training - Shan
AP Canada The Natural Health Domain PA-L [Professional Acupuncture Mailing List] Homepage
AP Colleges and Schools PA-L Archive: Search [Password Needed]
AP Danish Med AP Assoc PVA-L [Professional Veterinary Acupuncture Mailing List] Homepage
AP: American Coll of AP and Oriental Med PVA-L Archive: Search [Password Needed]
AP: Foundation for TCM TCM Faculty, UTS, Sydney
Australian AP Association Ltd TCM Faculty, UTS, Sydney, Bachelor of Health Science in TCM
Australian Medical AP Soc 1 Tianjin Medical University Web Page (North America Chapter)