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(Feb 14, 2000)

Updates of 27 old lectures on Acupuncture, TCM and Holistic Medicine, written originally between 1980-1986 for IVAS training courses abroad, they constitute an intensive course in acupuncture. They are now in the Veterinary Acupuncture section of the Web Journal of Acupuncture.

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01 Holistic concepts of health & disease
02 Acupuncture effects on the body's defence systems & conditions responsive to AP
03 Acupuncture for immune-mediated disorders
04 Traditional versus modern Acupuncture
05 Five phase theory and its use in medicine
06 The study of acupuncture: sources & study techniques
07 The study of Acupuncture: points & channels in animals
08 The choice of Acupuncture points for AP therapy
09 Choice of Acupuncture points for particular conditions
10 Computer applications in the study & clinical use of Acupuncture
11 Techniques of stimulation of the acupuncture points
12 Clinical use of low level laser therapy
13 Advances and instrumentation in diagnosis & treatment of trigger points in human myofascial pain: veterinary implications [Rogers, Fischer A, Pontinen PJ & Janssens LAA]
14 Acupuncture analgesia for surgery in animals
15 Clinical experiences with Acupuncture: failures & successes
16 Acupuncture in routine veterinary practice
17 The Taiwan Report
18 Clinical Acupuncture in horses
19 Acupuncture in small animal practice
20 Acupuncture in cattle & pigs
21 A brief history of Acupuncture & the status of veterinary AP outside Mainland China
22 Psychic methods of diagnosis & treatment in Acupuncture & Homeopathy
23 Acupuncture: an anti-endogenous opiate mechanism?
24 Therapeutic effects of Acupuncture in calf respiratory disease [Paper by Nam et al, Korea]
25 Treatment of backpain in the horse & dog by Acupuncture
26 Amalgamated Data: Top Ten Points for Major Body Functions, Organs & Parts
27 Acu-point injection in gastric ulcer & diarrhoea in foals

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