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 Farm Animal Welfare

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Options To Find Data On Animal Health & Welfare

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Search Engine

American Farm Bureau Federation

Animal Industry Foundation

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Info Centre (AWIC-NAL) Search Engine

AVMA & Animal Welfare- Positions On Cattle

AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) Statement Of Policy On Animal Welfare & Animal Rights

Beef Care Practices

CAST (Council On Agricultural Science & Technology) The Well-Being Of Agricultural Animals (Summary, 1997)

Cattle & Beef Welfare Handbook

DANR Guide to Disaster Preparedness - Expanded Second Edition

DEFRA Animal Health & Welfare

DEFRA Animal Welfare

DEFRA Animal Welfare - On Farm: Broiler Chickens

DEFRA Animal Welfare : Legislation For On Farm

DEFRA Animal Welfare: Slaughter

DEFRA Animal Welfare: Transport

DEFRA Farm Animal, Pig, Swine Welfare Legislation

EBRA (European Biomedical Research Association)

EBRA - Regulation Of Animal Research In European Countries

Emergency Euthaniasia of Sheep and Goats

EU Animal Welfare

EU Commission Site Index

Eur-Lex European Union Legislation

FAWC (Farm Animal Welfare Council, UK)

IFAW (International Fund For Animal Welfare)

Is Intensive Dairy Production Compatible With Animal Welfare?

Norwegian Reference Centre (Laboratory Animal Science & Alternatives)

Ontario Ministry Of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs

Research Station For Cattle, Sheep & Horse Husbandry Wageningen

Swine Care Practices

Temple Grandin's Page

UC Davis Vet Med Extension Animal Welfare Pages

USDA APHIS VS CEAH Animal Health National Monitoring system: Beef Feedlot | Beef Cow-Calf  | Dairy Cattle | Poultry | Sheep | Swine

USDA Animal Welfare Act: Historical Perspectives & Future Directions (Symposium Proceedings 1996)

USDA-NAL AWIC Other Federal Animal Care Legislation & Policies (Animal Welfare Information Center)

USDA-NAL AWIC Search Engine
(Animal Welfare Info Centre)

World Congress 1999 Search Engine (Enter Terms Of Interest)

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