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*EpiVetNet-EpiWeb Massey U NZ

*MedWeb Veterinary Medicine Emory

*National Institute of Animal Health [NIAH] Japan

*National Institute of Animal Health [NIAH] Japan: Index

*National Institute of Animal Health [NIAH] Veterinary Collection (Permission needed)

*NetVet AVMA Veterinary & Animal [Info & Archives] [Info & Archives (default)] [Pick of the Litter

*NetVet-Electronic Zoo WUST Veterinary & Animal [Info] [Resources] [Resources 1] [Vet Med

*NOAH: AVMA Information Service (Email for Subscription)

*PGF Homepage [Post Graduate Foundation, Sydney Vet School]
*PGF Registration (free) to access restricted Vet Topics

*Veterinary Information Network [VIN] Application Form

*Veterinary Information Network [VIN]: Extended Services for US$ 450/year

*Veterinary Medicine (in Doctors Guide to WWW)

*VetMedWeb (Emory U)

*VetNet (UK)

*VetScape Veterinary Network

*VetWeb (UK)

_Medical Doctors Guide to WWW

_Medical Reference Sites (in Doctors Guide to WWW)

_Medical Resources on the Internet

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine: Extensive Links

Acupuncture Links - Veterinary & Medical [Rogers]

Acupuncture: Medical Acupuncture Web Page

Acupuncture: Veterinary Acupuncture Page

American Academy of Veterinary Informatics [AAVI]

Animal Health Information Specialists [AHIS] (UK)

Biosciences Links

CABWeb - Useful Veterinary Links
Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Equine Veterinary Network

Equine: Cyberhorse: Veterinary Links

Equine: Horse Interactive Online Guide to Horse Health

Lyme Disease Foundation (data on tick-borne disorders)

Lyme Disease Links

Lyme Disease Network

Medical Servers (in Doctors Guide to WWW)

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service NEFSC Homepage


Vet Index Online (A-Z of All Things Veterinary) (Apply for Password)

Vet Online [Priory Lodge]

Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences WWW Pages, Vet College U Nebraska, Lincoln

Veterinary Informatics U Glasgow

Veterinary Information (NetVet)

Veterinary Information (U Davis)

Veterinary Information Canada Homepage

Veterinary Links (UK)

Veterinary Links U Pennsylvania: CAHP

Veterinary Medicine Yelloweb for Europe

Veterinary Online Publications (Lectures, Theses & Preprints by EpiCentre Staff)

Veterinary Ophthalmology Links

Veterinary Resources at National Library of Medicine [NLM] US Govt

Veterinary Resources NetVet - Electronic Zoo (Text)

Veterinary Science DAINET Germany (in German)

Veterinary Science DAINET Germany Homepage (in German)

Zac’s Vet-Net Page

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