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Horses and equine-related Veterinary Resources

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Horses & Equine-related Veterinary Resources

AAEP - American Association of Equine Practitioners

Extension Service - Equine -Univ of Maine

American Association of Equine Practitioners

Foaling Management Guidelines

America's Horse Source

Foaling Resources

British Horse Society Home Page - for horses and riders

Horse Books on Care, Management, Health, and Nutrition

Canadian Equine Links

Horse Information Center

CONSULTANT - A Computer-Assisted Diagnosis Program (Cornell University)

Horse Interactive

DVMax Veterinary Practice Management Software

Horse Keeping

Electronic Animal Management, Inc.

Horse Worldwide

Emergency Euthaniasia of Horses

Horses Australia

EQUERRY.COM - Information & Education for the Horse Enthusiast

IAEP - Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society

Equine dentistry - Links [click the Links Icon]

Just Horsin' Around

Equine Holistic Health

KBR Horse World

Equine Nutrition

Kentucky Equine Management Internship Program

Equine Reproduction

My Horse Matters

Equine Reproduction Links

Oklahoma State Univ Library - Horse Links and Articles

Equine Rescue Web Ring

Pasture Management for Horses

Equine Research Centre - Distance Learning Courses

The Horse Forum Search Engine

Equine Veterinary Journal Supplements

The Horse Interactive - Sports Medicine

Equine Veterinary Network

The Horseman's Advisor

Equine Veterinary Network

USDA APHIS VS CEAH Equine Animal Health National Monitoring system


Veterinary Resources - Equine (The HayNet)

Extension Publications - Animal Diseases, Nebraska

World Equine Health Network

Extension Publicationsm - Insects & Pests, Nebraska

World Equine Veterinary Association

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