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How are you "intelligent" ?

Discover Your Profile

For far too long, Education systems have been focusing on just two of the many types of intelligences. Success in school has been based primarily on abilities in the areas of Language and Logic. If you have talents in areas other than these, well that's too bad because no matter how talented you may be, the School System will more than likely teach you that you're a failure ! This scarring does untold emotional & social damage to most, but some unscarred school-failures such as Einstein (terrible at maths) and Bill Gates (dropout). At the other extreme, our education systems will tell the "highly intelligent" individual that they can and should become a lawyer or a doctor irrespective of their talents in communicating with others or working as part of a team.

I'm not at all for 'tearing the system down' - but I DO believe that our Education Systems should move towards affirming and nurturing our individual potentials rather than trying to hammer out those "square pegs". If this could be achieved, I believe the World and it's inhabitants would be a far happier (and more "intelligent"!) place.

Now to Your Profile:

Fill in the form below to find out how your talents are distributed - to find your unique mixture of "intelligences" or "talents". When complete, you will count up and score yourself (0-10) for each category.

Linguistic Intelligence

Books are very important to me
I can hear words in my head before I read or speak or write them down
I get more out of listening to the radio or tapes than I do out of TV, Films
I am good at word games like scrabble, Anagrams or Password
I enjoy entertaining myself or others with tongue twisters or puns
Others at times ask me to explain the words I use when writing or speaking
English & History are easier for me than Maths & Science
When out driving I notice the words on the ad boards more than the scenery
I often talk about the things I have read or heard
Total:  ; /10

Logical Intelligence

I can easily add & subtract numbers in my head
Maths & Science are my favorite subjects in school
I enjoy playing games/solving puzzles that need logical thinking
I like to set up "what if" experiments, (e.g. "what if I double the amount of water I give to my rosebuds each week")
I’m always looking for patterns and logical sequences or order in things
I’m interested in all new developments in Science
I believe almost everything has a rational explanation
I sometimes think in clear wordless picture-less thoughts
I always notice when people aren’t being logical in what they are saying
I like it when things are measured, analyzed and put into categories
Total:  ; /10

Spatial Intelligence

I often see clear pictures/images when I close my eyes
I’m sensitive to colour
I’d like using a camera or camcorder to record what I see around me
I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, finding my way through mazes or visual puzzles
I have vivid dreams at night
I can usually find my way around places that I don’t know well
I like to draw or doodle
Geometry is easier for me than Algebra
I can imagine how something would look if I were right above it
I prefer books that have lots of pictures in them
Total:  ; /10

Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence

I do at least one sport in my own free time on a regular basis
I find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time
I like to work with my hands at concrete activities
My best ideas come when I’m out walking or active in some way
I often like to spend my free time outdoors
I need to touch things in order to learn about them
I enjoy daredevil amusement rides or other thrilling physical experiences
I am pretty well coordinated i.e. not clumsy or awkward in my movements
I prefer to learn a new skill by doing it rather than reading how to do it
Total:  ; /10

Musical Intelligence

I have a pleasant singing voice
I can tell when someone sings off key or out of tune
I spend a lot of time listening to music
I play a musical instrument
My life would be poorer if there was no music in it
I often find a TV jingle or a tune running through my mind as I walk or work
I can keep time to a piece of music with a drum or sticks
I know the tunes to many different songs or musical pieces
If I hear a piece of music once or twice I can sing it back
I often tap a tune or sing a tune while studying or working
Total:  ; /10

Interpersonal Intelligence

People often come to me for advice
I prefer group sports (volleyball) to solo sports (swimming/jogging)
If I have a problem I’ll ask for help, & not try to solve it by myself
I have at least three close friends
I like social games/activities rather then individual ones that I do alone
I enjoy the challenge of teaching others what I know and how to do
I consider myself a leader, or others have called me that
I feel comfortable in the middle of a crowd
I like to get involved in social activities connected with my work/church/community
I prefer to be with a group at night to being on my own at home
Total:  ; /10

Intrapersonal Intelligence

I like to spend time alone, thinking about life
I like sessions/classes that help me learn more about myself
I have opinions that set me apart from the crowd
I have a special hobby/interest that I keep to myself
I have important goals for my life that I think about often
I have a good idea about my strong points and my weak points
I’d prefer to spend a weekend alone, rather than with crowds of people
I consider myself strong-willed and independent minded
I keep a diary to record the events of my life
I would like to be self-employed
Total:  ; /10


Linguistic Intelligence
Logical Intelligence
Spatial Intelligence
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Musical Intelligence
Interpersonal Intelligence
Intrapersonal Intelligence

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