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A "Fill-in the blanks" Create your own Web Page

Why Bother ?

Creating a Web Page can often involve one or more of the following:

  • Too much technical stuff to get past
  • Too much work before you see any gain
  • More time than it's worth

So to get teachers past this point, I have written a special web page which asks five short questions. Answer these and you are presented with a personalised Web Page !! Try it once and you'll see how easy it is !

For those of you who wish to publish your Web Pages onto the World Wide Web, I have provided the code which you can copy and save onto your own computer. From here you can upload your page onto the 'Net.

        Good Luck, Have Fun and Experiment !


Let me try !!


Alternatively, a software package which I have seen schools using, and which I can recommend is Publisher98 from Microsoft. It is really easy to use - your kids will soon be producing quality posters, cards and Web Pages - in minutes.

Keep an eye out for a 30-day demo on magazine CDs, and remember to apply for an educational discount if purchasing the full version.