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Designers for I.C.T. Programme

Here are the team who designed the ICT (Information and Communications Technology in the Curriculum) course for Primary Teachers on behalf of the NCTE.


As has been true of many of our colleagues countrywide, this design team have been promoting good classroom practice using ICTs for many years. I'm sure many names if not faces will be familiar to teachers around the country.

Why not take this opportunity to use some technology on them for a change! Try out your mouse on any part of the picture to see what I mean !

Below is a full list of the team, including our facilitators, Kathryn Crowley - our head of ICT within the I.N.T.O.; Gerry Murphy and Seonad Cook, Assistant Director NCTE.

Team Names - Click to reveal pictures

Paddy Bates Esther Lambe Gabriel Gordon
Gerard Enright Ger O' Donavan Humphrey Moynihan
John Carey Martin Fogarty Mary Cleary
Seaghan Moriarty Tom Mc Fadden Robbie O' Leary
Mike Hallisey Gerry Murphy Kathryn Crowley
Seonad Cook    



Thanks to Jared Smith-Mickelson who let me borrow his JavaScript Code for this great tool