Directory of Irish Genealogy


        The Directory of Irish Genealogy was published in conventional printed form between 1990 and 1994 and has been on the Internet since 1998, this being the 2015 Edition. The Directory is designed to assist not only genealogists in Ireland but also the 'Diaspora', those of Irish descent living abroad, and indeed all who have an interest in Irish genealogy. Contact details of the main repositories and organisations may be found in the Links section. As usual it should be noted that all opinions expressed those of the author alone, and where factual errors can be demonstrated they will be corrected. Any endorsements on this site are based on the writer's opinions and are not paid advertising.
        I tried a different approach to communicating online in 2014, bending to fashion and starting a blog, which can be read here. Topics covered in the blog in 2014 include the saga of the GRO indexes online, my UCD Adult Education genealogy classes (the Certificate course now alas being wound down), a relationships chart, the preposterous proposed 'Genealogical Office Order 1685' (that office was actually founded in the 1940s), records destroyed in the Public Record Office of Ireland in 1922, a note concerning my articles published on, and so forth. There is therefore no need to repeat the issues raised here, and this Introduction may have become redundant. I will say that my decision to tackle the matter of the plagiarisation of my work by a former student has cost me dearly, but while those from whom I might have expected some support did not provide it, others in the genealogical community filled the gap. Nonetheless, the matter has not been resolved and my 'Plagiarism: An Open Letter to the Genealogical Society of Ireland' remains unanswered.

Sean Murphy
Centre for Irish Genealogical and Historical Studies
31 July 2015