Sir Henrys

Sir Henrys is a club in Cork that I started drinking in back in 1987 when it was still called Sir Henrys - Rock Cafe because for obvious reasons they couldn't call it a Hard Rock Cafe but it was the Hard Rock Cafe in London that Sir Henrys was based on. An old friend called Domnick O'Keeffe came up with the whole idea of Sir Henrys and he ran the place for a while until there was a falling out with the management that owned the building - Domnick went to open his own club - Redz - on Liberty Street in Cork. It was a great club to party in. Pop into Sir Henrys.
The Yumi Yuki Club

The Yumi Yuki Club

The Yumi Yuki Club is a club I go into in Cork. There are some great live music sessions there during the week and also there is excellent DJ's in there on the other nights. There is also a restaurant in The Yumi Yuki Club which specializes in Japanese food. Check it out.
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