Aims and Objectives of the Organization :

'Support Life' (Ireland) is a voluntary pro-life, pro-family, pro-Christian organization depending on the good will of like minded persons, for funding to carry on with our work to protect  life from birth to natural death, at all its stages.
  1. To vindicate  the right to life of all unborn children.
  2. To hold sacred life at all its stages.
  3. To fight for better treatment for struggling young families, the elderly, and the handicapped.
  4. To fight for the democratic right of every person young and old to have a just and honest standard of living.
  5. To vindicate the right for a better moral climate in which to bring up young children and to fight for the restoration of Christian family values.
  6. To ensure, if and when requested, all assistance is given to the following young and old alike:

  7. The homeless, those in need of clothing, food, medical, or spiritual aid.
    To provide aid / psychiatric counseling and help for all suicidal persons.
    To provide protection, help, for woman/girls in crisis pregnancy i.e. counseling, maternity/baby clothing, to ensure no woman/girl feels alone in an unplanned pregnancy.
  8. To protect out handicapped and elderly from the threat of Euthanasia.
  9. To educate on the true horror of abortion, euthanasia.
  10. To fight on for a proper pro-life referendum to be put to the people of this country.
  11. To reach out with love and support to all persons in need of help.
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